Changing Location, Changing Direction for The Blog

17 Oct

It’s been awhile since the Private Naturalist last uploaded a blog post. That’s because I’ve moved to California. I accepted a position with the Technical Information Division of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. While I still have one foot in Hawaii (still own my condo on Maui), my natural environment has changed dramatically, and so the subject matter of this blog will change as well. Instead of photographing Humpback whales…

Surprise breach 1 

…and tropical plants…

Torch Ginger

…I’ll be snapping more pix like this:

poppies-Berkeley Hills 1977

Poppy field in the Berkeley Hills, California’s East Bay.

I’ll also be working as a volunteer at the Children’s Natural History Museum in nearby Fremont. Specifically, I’ll be working with museum staff to curate the extensive collections of fossils and minerals, develop new ways of displaying and presenting the museum’s science collections to the public, and participating in the museum’s educational outreach program that serves local school districts.

Returning to the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area is a homecoming for me: I grew up in the Berkeley Hills of north Oakland.  In 1986, I left the Bay Area for the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula, the shores of the Red Sea and the savannas of East Africa. After a long absence (a 30-year-long detour to the Rocky Mountains and the Hawaiian Islands), I’m going to be reacquainting myself with the much-changed landscape of my childhood home.

Big Sur coastline 1978

The coastline near Big Sur: 1978.

Those of you who have followed some of that journey by reading this blog will be seeing my new-old home’s  natural landscape through the lens of my aged Canon 40D. There’ll be new geology, plants and animals to see… and maybe a few beaches and some whales, too.   



One Response to “Changing Location, Changing Direction for The Blog”

  1. Rene Beauchemin at 3:10 AM #

    Wow! As a newly arrived resident of Port Costa I stumbled upon your posting of the Carquinez Straight as I was acquiring history of my new home! We are exchanging the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts for the Hills of Port Costa and Crockett California. I am looking forward to your great pictures and always interesting history lessons! Thanks for caring!!!

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